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Here are some simple answers to questions you may have about tagging.

What is a tag?

A tag is a keyword or phrase that you add to the entries you post to your journal or community to make it easy for you to find them again, or to help you place them into a specific category for organization purposes.

- Dreamwidth FAQ

Why do we use tags?

As a community for writing that will see a good deal of traffic, we hope to help keep things organized and easily searchable. With the proper tags, readers can look for and pull up exactly what they want to read without having to wade through everything else.

How to tag your entries:

In general the following three tags will be used:

author: x, pairing: member/member, rating: rating

Author tags: These tags should be used in every post by selecting the one with the correct first letter of a username. Any usernames that begin with a number or other symbol should use the tag author: #

Rating tags: Every work that is posted in the community needs to have a rating and tag that matches. Available ratings are G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17. (For more information on ratings see our rating guide) Please remember anything higher than PG-13 needs to be locked.

Length tags: These tags will be used to indicate the length of a specific work. They are used as follows:

length: drabble used for a work that stands alone and is 1000 words or less in length.
length: one-shot used for a work that is able to stand alone and complete by itself and is more than 1000 words in length.
length: chaptered used for works that are more that one chapter in length.

Pairing tags: Use these tags to denote the pairing of your work. All pairings are listed alphabetically (ie. pairing: heechul/siwon because h comes before s in the English alphabet). If no pairing exists use the appropriate member tag in the correct manner.

Crossover tag: The crossover tag is used whenever another group plays a role in a work. This tag always needs to be used in conjunction with one or both of the following types of tags: pairing: member/other group or with: other group. Please note that if the pairing tag of this type is used a member tag is also necessary.

Member tags: There are a couple reasons why this tag would be used. They are as follows:

1. When there is no pairing and the fic is generally focused on one or two characters.
2. When a pairing: member/other group tag is used a member: specific member tag is needed to denote the member in the pairing.
3. When a pairing of an OC and a member happens.
4. When a pairing of the reader and a member happens.

Note: Member tags are not used to list the members that are present in your fic unless the focus is solely on that member

How this helps you as a reader:

The tag system makes the entire community searchable. Members can easily search for content using one or more tags. Doing so is simple.

For example if you want to read a story involving the “pairing: heechul/siwon” or “pairing: heechul/kibum” just jump up to your navigation bar and type ( http://disco-drive.dreamwidth.org/tag/pairing: heechul/siwon,pairing: heechul/kibum?mode=or ) and it will load all of the entries for either tag. If you want to search for both simply change the ‘or’ to ‘and’ and you are good to go.

Need a tag?

Just leave us a comment on this post or a note in your entry and if it is a reasonable request we will go ahead and make one for you.

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