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The rules are simple, but need to be followed, just to help make sure things flow well around here.

#1 All fic posted MUST have at least one member of Super Junior in it. They do not need to play a major role, but if there is no one at all from SJ in your fic, then the post will be deleted. If you are posting a multi-chapter fic and only the current chapter has a SJ member, then we suggest letting people know that in a small author note on the post, and providing a link to where they can find the rest of the fic (past and/or future) so they can follow the rest if they wish to.

#2 Do not change the size, color or typeface of the font in your post. You may bold, italicize or underline, if you wish, though. This just keeps everything looking nice and readable and makes it easier for people to see what fic you are advertising.

#3 Banners for your fic placed outside the cut may be no larger than 300*300 in size. Anything larger needs to go on your own page or under a cut. If you are including more than one image in your post, only one may be outside the cut.

#4 We prefer that all fic be posted on your own journal or page be it here at DW, or on LJ or IJ or another hosting site. If you do choose to post your fic directly to the community, it must be under a cut, regardless of length.

#5 All posts must have a rating. Anything above PG-13 must be member locked.

#6 While we will not require that you use a specific posting format, we do require that you tell, somewhere in the post, the rating of the fic and any warnings that may apply. It is up to you to give the information you wish people to have about your work, but these two small things are essential. We do not wish to cause harm to anyone because something that could be triggering was not warned for.

If you do wish to use a more standard posting format, we have one available that you may feel free to use and modify as needed.

#7 Respect others and use some common sense. Do not click to read a fic with a pairing you don’t like and then flame the author for it. Do not click to read a fic with a warning for subject matter that you don’t like or that might trigger you and then complain about it. Any flaming, trolling, hate speech, threats, etc will not be tolerated. The first instance on this community will get a warning from the mods, and the second will see you banned. Authors will need to deal with such things on their own journal/page as they see fit.

#8 Right now, we do allow multiple posts in one day, but if you know in advance that you will have several things to post, we ask that you combine them into one or two at most, just to keep from spamming the community.

#9 If you plan to f-lock your work after a certain amount of time, you MUST state this in the original post. We understand if you go back and make that decision later that you may not want to go back and modify your older posts, but if we click on your link and find a locked post, you will be asked to modify the post here to reflect the f-locked status.

Above all, enjoy reading and writing and sharing the SJ fandom! : )

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or to PM either of the mods.

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